If you’re involved in the medical profession, then you’re sure to be aware of the technological changes that have been going on over the last few years to make the NHS better for patients. If you haven’t had any NHS treatment recently, then you might not know what technology For Health is all about, and how it will help you. Syscomm is an it support company based in worcester and they can help improve NHS technology with their fast speed business broadband.

1. The NHS technology For Health programme is a Directorate of the Department for Health, and so a government scheme for improving the healthcare of patients. The innovation discovered a long time are now put into practice

2. Using technology, medical records can now be shared between NHS departments and GPs and dentists, quickly and easily. This means that, for example, your GP can see if you’re on medication because you recently had an operation, or your dentist will know if you’re allergic to certain painkillers. So it is essential that high speed internet is used.

3. Electronic Medical Records have been introduced, which are much better than paper-based records. For example, they are easier to store, more accurate and won’t be lost. This also brings an end to having to read the infamous Doctor’s Handwriting.

4. The main aim is to provide more choice and better care for patients. Patients can choose from different appointment dates and hospitals, to make it much easier for them, and to reduce the number of people who fail to attend appointments. There are many more benefits for patients too.

5. Broadband for business makes providing healthcare networks more effective and better for NHS staff. Healthcare professionals can now be more productive, and provide better healthcare for their patient’s thanks to advances in technology.

6. Electronic prescriptions have been introduced which can be printed out at pharmacies, rather than in surgeries. This reduces fraudulent use of prescriptions and ensures that prescriptions don’t get lost en route. It also implies that you can have your prescription sent to the most appropriate pharmacy for you.

7. It’s now quicker for patients to get appointments, as there is a choice of different hospitals to make it more convenient.


8. Thanks to the advances in digital imaging, X-Rays, ultrasounds and other images can be shared between NHS departments, and surgeries, around the country as necessary. There’s now no need to carry your X-Ray from one hospital department to another. If you move house or are treated elsewhere, it’s now much easier for your new hospital or GP to see your previous X Rays or ultrasounds, which means that if there are complications, the image can be viewed much quicker. Previously, these images would need to have been sent by taxi or courier.

9. Electronic medical records also mean that if you move house, or change Doctors for other reasons, your records can be transferred electronically immediately, rather than having to wait several days or even longer. This method also means that patient records won’t get lost in transit.

Now you know some of the main benefits of technology For Health, how it will make your medical treatment quicker and more effective, and how healthcare staff can benefit too, perhaps it’s time for you to think more about the NHS.

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