In today’s time business apps are a must for every business small or medium. Only web presence is not sufficient, since online activity has shifted to mobile. In other words, for small business owners smartphone apps is now very important as a marketing tool. Mobile app development company London and its management team can operate their systems more efficiently, and can involve existing customers in a better way and attract new ones.

Development of high functionality and good quality apps is challenging, expensive and resource intensive at the same time. Other challenges like compatibility of the app across multiple device and all the known operating systems with back-end integration problems are also existent.

Sometimes these hindrances slow down the app development rate. Globally a quarter of enterprises have not been able to build any kind of virtualized or customized mobile apps in last year as reported by Gartner.

Some main challenges faced while doing business app development are discussed in this article.

Slow development times with Skills shortages 

Usually one of the main issues faced by companies is in terms of lack of skilled resources who are undertaking mobile development and eventually results in slow development. Some IT professionals claim that it may take six to nine months and in some cases 1 year if the complexity level is very high in developing a mobile app or custom application.

Integration issues

Mobile app development company London and other companies face another challenge is that of integrating the developed apps across devices of multiple manufacturers having vivid operating systems with differing sizes. This may include iPhones, iPads, Windows and Android phones and plus Windows, tablets, Apple and Linux desktops.

Native, Web, Hybrid or apps?

Business must also decide the types of apps development needed. Is it hybrid apps or full Visual Studio or web apps or Xamarin projects that should be developed to deploy native apps? They must also determine the kind of development challenges involved with each.

Database synchronisation, integration 

Another major challenge is database integration and synchronisation. The apps made by companies like mobile app development company London must be compatible and integrate with different database systems such as multiple kinds of SQL databases, MultiValue databases, and needs integration and synchronization with back-end systems.

Beating the challenges

The above mentioned issues may be overcome. Developing and deploying hybrid, web and native apps may be made faster and less expensive by the help of proper rapid app development tools.
With a tool like that, businesses can develop apps suitable for various device types or platforms and can integrate with databases like SQL and others, by use of code base and unique design project. Developers must write code for every device once and the app can be run on tablets, mobiles and desktops.

These tools provide multiple options to design apps and developers are no more constrained by the way data is stored or data from various databases that needs to be used or accessed in one single app. The apps must integrate with back-end systems completely, and also take care of the immediate data synchronisation between back-end databases and systems and user devices.

A proper fast app development tool from companies like mobile app development company London must be loaded with many features including typical RAD environment, menu creation, data management and styling, integration of specific device features, with WYSIWYG screen designer. This will enable businesses to develop user interfaces quickly and cost effectively, manage and define their data, and lastly using business logic components of products for creating apps quickly.
No additional developers have to be hired and existing staff can do the work with a simplified development process.

Such products will be able to offer the option for businesses for generation as hybrid or as full, web, industry-standard Xamarin projects and Visual Studio, and this can be deployed as native apps or become part of the IT teams’ development programme onward.

Australian based Solutions4Strategy, a provider of consultancy and software services is one company that was successful in using rapid app development tools for driving business growth, and also helps companies with risk management, strategic planning, compliance and regulation.

The challenges

This company and others like mobile app development company London found that installation of software on client’s desktops was getting very resource intensive and expensive on management and maintenance. The software failed to be compatible with client’s updated technology and to fix the back-end integration issues was daunting.


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