How having custom software can help my business? 

By doing routine activities on behalf of individuals and thereby increasing efficiency

Eliminating manual administration and unnecessary paperwork and thereby cutting down expenditure for office materials

Reducing errors by eliminating human involvement in regular manual tasks

Providing latest information regarding your business through automation of business processes

What steps are completed for creating custom software applications for a business? 

Analysis of specific needs of the business and preparation of a list of the custom software’s objectives

Designing a suitable software solution in accordance with the results obtained during the analysis as well as facts discovered through client interactions

Developing software following milestones approved by customers

Testing the software’s beta version in the client’s working environment

Delivering the final version of the custom software along with necessary documentation

What’s your payment and delivery policy? 

The fees charged by us remains in line with what’s mentioned on the Cost Specification and Development Proposal Documents prior to the beginning of any project. Any invoiced amount will have to be paid within a period of 30 days after receiving the invoice.

What are the kinds of custom software can you build? 

Anything you want!! We cover the almost the entire spectrum of contemporary software development. In addition, we also offer well-thought-out, clear technical advice. As a result of having several years of experience in serving big client-server-based software systems, we know how powerful Internet is and can be. Other than building Web/Database and Windows applications, our experts also build mobile-phone responsive applications, MS Office plugins, audio/image processing systems, etc.

Who would be the owner of the software you would create for me? 

Once you pay for the final version of the software, you will be the one owning it. This means, we would provide you with every single thing you may need for building, maintaining, or extending the software. These include audio, graphics, scripts, source code, executable files, project files, and so on. However, it would be good for us if we preserve the right of reusing the source code for our future projects; we would do that only if the source code doesn’t include any protected or proprietary information that belongs to you. If this clause appears to be problematic to you, we will surely customize the clauses according to your requirements.

What support and warranty you will be offering after I get the final version of the software delivered? 

We always work abiding by the stringent standards of the modern-day software industry. Each one of our software has been developed following accepted industry practices and standards. Additionally, we also have an array of ongoing support services. For more info, contact us.

How do you recruit developers? 

Each one of our developers has been working with us since a long time; there are also some who are with us since the day our company started its journey. These people have in-depth knowledge about the subject. When appointing new developers, we make sure that they have analytical skills, creative flair, and educational excellence. We also check whether the person has the ability to operate as an important part of the current team we have.