Kayleigh BaxterJust4Programmers

Just4Programmers can be described as a private limited company that develops software. Kayleigh Baxter who is the current Managing Director established it in early 1997. For several years now, Just4Programmers has been a proud Microsoft Gold Partner. This is to mean that it displays the best expertise and competence with regard to Microsoft technologies and also in relation to being an Amazon Web Services specialist.




The team we assembled makes us immensely proud. Just4Programmers has experienced steady growth from just 2 programmers to the current number that exceeds staff members. The team comprises of IT professionals who are very talented, highly-qualified and quite innovative to say the very least. Every single one of the professionals is an expert in their own area. They have a wealth of experience that spans the full extent of custom software development. This is because they range from just small entrepreneurial projects to very complex systems that are used by major corporations.


The mission of the Just4Programmers Consultants is to partner with clients to find solutions for difficult technical problems.

Means of achieving it

We fully understand all the business needs that our clients have and that technology is an invaluable tool that can be utilized to drive profits for modern businesses. This is why Just4Programmers combines value for money and great customer service with technical excellence. We acknowledge the value of collaboration and creativity. This is because it facilitates the sharing of ideas and also promotes contribution on an individual level towards the common goal.

Just4Programmers creates new teams for every single project to guarantee the best possible combination of experience and skills. This ultimately functions to meet the needs of the client and also delivers well thought out solutions that are of superior quality.

Why we are unique
What makes us stand out from the competition is our deep technical expertise that enables us to undertake projects that are thought to be difficult or complex by other developers in the industry. We have a strong belief that working in partnership with clients makes us understand their unique working techniques and needs better.

Just4Programmers has established from experience that working together with clients leads to the creation of intelligent solutions that satisfy the demands of our client’s dynamic business. An award-winning software was created because of this same collaborative style of working.